Friday, September 21, 2007

I want out

I want to get away from Vision Scapes. Even though VS has treated me well, I need to get away from it A.S.A.P. for my physical health, for my emotional health, for my spiritual health. Some things disgust me. For instance, we mowed a church today. Now, I do not expect people to have or share the same belief system that I have, BUT, I do expect them to show a little respect. We mow this court yard, in the middle of the church. I took care of it all, and the 2 guys I was with just had to blow off. As we were walking through the church, they are swearing like sailors, and I just felt embarrassed. Once we got back to the truck.........their actions only got worse. I guess it's not all negative, it gives me more motivation. ;-) That's right, way to be an optimist Mikey! I sent my resume to centennial, and applied for a housekeeping position at St. Joseph Hospital today as well as Dupont hospital. I just want to hear from someone. I don't have to get the job, I just want to get a phone call, so I know this isn't in vain. JUST A PHONE CALL!
Tonight I was going to just stay in, and fall asleep on the couch. Well, then John and Brandy called me and asked if I wanted to go play Lazer tag......ohh my, I haven't done that since I was like 15 years old. BUT, I couldn't say no....cuz I am a wimp. It ended up being everything I thought it would, but I enjoy being with my sister and her fiance. So, it was worth it.

As if the facial expression doesn't say it all. I was thinking, "how old are you again?" at this moment after I had played several games of Lazer tag. LOL. ohh wow.

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