Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's been a lazy weekend.........

One heck of a lazy weekend. I suppose it started on Friday, when I called my boss to ask him if I could come in on Sat. and work around the shop for some extra hours. He gave me a B/S excuse. I even told him I wanted to clean out the trucks and do maintence on the mowers, something most people wouldn't ask to do. :-0 What the heck? Whatever, more motivation for me to get a new job. The resume will be completed on Monday, then Cathy, the lady who is creating it for me, is going to give me some coaching lessons on what to do and what not to do during an interview. I am stoked for that.

Steph came and visited me on her "BIKE" when she got off work. I managed to snap a picture of her leaving my drive way on her way out. She impressed me with her skills already. Shifted good, good balance, very nice Steph. ;-)

Tonight was colletral night. Colletral is the sunday night college aged church activity I have started going to with my friend Kaley. This is the 2nd time I have gone and it struck some emotion tonight. I saw Chelsy there. Something I was hoping and hoping I wouldn't have to see or deal with. I ran into her as I was walking in. Right away I felt like I wanted to throw up, and I wanted to say Hey Chelsy, !*%#@ *+#@! &^$%#. But I did not. I said "hey Chelsy," kind of with my eyes directed away from her. I know it took her by way more suprise, because she wasn't even expecting the possibility of me being there. I then walked away, and enjoyed the sermon/message. Which, by the way was a really good one. The main topic was, ironically enough, Journaling. And how we can use it as a tool to be alert to God's presence in, around and through our life through writing and reflection.

Let me reflect. When I saw Chels; I remembered. I remembered all the emotion I put into her. All the feelings I felt for her. STUPID MIKEY! Even though it was a short time, I felt betrayed by her dishonest behavior in the end, and I believe, no, I "know" I still harbor a lot of feelings of resentment towards her. And although I felt like I went through the night with my metaphoric "tail" stuck in between my legs, I did still walk away from the evening with a good lesson on why it is so important for me to journal/blog. I do it as an emotional release, I do it so I can remember, I do it for entertainment and I do it to inform. I will be going back to colletral next Sunday.

I have one good quote from a booklet that they gave out tonight. "Whenever you find tears in your eyes, especially unexpected tears, it is well to pay the closest attention." Fredrick Buechner, Whistling in the Dark.

~Health Update~
As far as health goes. The tremors continue to get stronger and stronger. Although they still haven't made it to my hands. This is very good. Fatigue is definately something that effects me. I notice it when I don't take my Adderoll. I have taken Adderoll for ADHD since I was in 2nd grade. I think my body is use to having it now. I didn't take like I should have this weekend. Not at all on Sat., and not till late on Sunday. Like prolly 2p.m. So, I just laid around and slept, well untill I took my med's. Then I got back into activity. I have also noticed that my bladder won't hold on at all. If I drink any amount of liquid, it is wanting to come out of me right quick. I think on Friday, I went to the bathroom 20 or more times. Kind of odd.

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