Saturday, September 22, 2007

I enjoy myself.

One good thing about my personality, is...well when I am in a good mood, and positive frame of mind, I can have a good time doing about anything. I could be organizing pictures, watching movies by myself, shopping with my dad, or writing in a BLOGG. I just got done watching Forest Gump, and that is a good movie. You can take a lot from a movie like that, sure had my eyes watering up quite a few times. Tomorrow Amanda Guy is taking me to church again, I am glad for that. I enjoy going to church with someone more than I do by myself. I stayed pretty low key this weekend, which is nice, and needs to be done every now and then. Hopefully I hear back from someone I applied for soon, that would be nice. Maybe I will even make a couple of phone calls first of the week to check on that. Here is a pretty picture of a winter land scape. Everyone should get a chance to see a scene as beautiful as this at some point in their life. Life can be really beautiful sometimes. And other times, it can be just the opposite, but I have found that even in the "opposite" times it is all a matter of how you decide to look at things. GOD BLESS

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