Wednesday, September 19, 2007

POST 300!!

Wow, what a day. I have officially posted three hundred times. I wonder how many words that is total. I bet it's a lot.

Today I went into the office and informed one of my bosses, not the main boss, but a boss none the less that I am planning on making a job change...hopefully soon. I told him this. I said that I am hitting the job market strong, sending out my resume, and filling out applications. I told him that on the part of the applications where it asks when I would be available to work, I told him I am putting "as soon as possible." Hint, Hint....I won't be putting in my 2 weeks if something good comes up. This is not be being an ASS either, cuz I told upper management a couple of weeks ago that this was coming. So, I am just following through with what I said I was going to do.

Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life. -Rachel Carson

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