Tuesday, September 18, 2007

they say it is good to use it as a journal.

~Early morning post~ 6:39a.m.
"Lord, be with me as I start this day. Help keep my mind attentive, and heart in check. Lord, you know what is important to me and what bothers me, please help me to keep my eyes focused on the eternal prize."

"The most wasted of all days is that during which one has not laughed." -- Nicolas De Chamfort

Today ended up being alright. I worked, and actually while I was mowing in a smelly, wet, gross retention pond, the only thing that could keep me from thinking about how much I hated the current situation I was in was me singing worship songs. So, that's what I did.
Sent out my first application with a resume today. I applied at North American Van Lines, for a position called a "temporary driver services coordinator." You have to be able to talk on a phone, type on a computer, work a fax machine, and sometimes juggle all of the above. Maybe something will come of this. I would appriciate any extra prayers for this, cuz it would be really good for my body to get out of the physical labor department. This could work my mind, and maybe turn into a job I could keep when I get back in school.

Today at work Mark (co-worker) found a razor when he was mowing. Turns out it worked perfectly, and he took out the sim card, and it is now his work phone.....turning it back in wasn't even an option. I was thinking to myself; tisk, tisk. Well, speak of the devil, my chance was coming. We get done working a little early, so I went to the office and asked if I could do some shop work to get some extra hours. Mark (owner) said sure, you can lube up some of the mowers and do some maintence here and there. I did, and when I was cleaning out one of the mowers, I ran accross a plastic bag. In that plastic bag was a wallet. It was my friend Mirza's, from when he worked at Vision Scapes. It had his license, some cash, all his cards and what not inside it. I was totally going to take the cash out, put it into my pocket, and maybe try to get it to him.......then I thought about the phone. I thought to myself, "how is this any different?" So, I put the cash back in and called my sister Brandy. Her fiance, my brother in law to be works with Mirza now. I told her to have him give it to Mirza. He will be so stoked to get that back.

In the evening hours, my sister and I got our hair cut.

This was me chillen before I got it cut.

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