Sunday, September 30, 2007

I gotta stay active.

Since I won't be getting too much physical activity from what ever my soon to be job will be, I figured I need to stay disciplined and on a schedule. So, me and Chris went to Wal-Mart and I purchased this....The two of us assembled it in my room, and it took about an hour and a half. It's not bad for $58.97, not bad at all. My dad has the bar and all the weight's at school just laying around that haven't been used in forever, so I won't have to purchase those. I'd say I got a pretty good deal. Once I get those weight's and my thumb heals, I will get myself into a routine, and once my body starts being sculpted like a big hunk of clay, I will be motivated by the hoards of women, and I will think to myself....."good purchase Mikey."

Church was really good today. A man from Pathway's Serbian sister church spoke. He had an awesome accent, and so many good stories, jokes, and lesson's to share. Here were some key point's from the sermon.

-Who and what we want to be in the future depends on the decisions we make today.

-The closer you are with Jesus Christ, the easier your race will be.

He talked about how we need to let go of the Good and Bad things in our past. To make new is important in starting a new Christ centered life. He talked about how the enemy can use our past to defeat us or keep us weak.

-It is better to learn how to fight a good spiritual fight, than it is to hide behind a religious comfort zone.

I really liked listening to this guy, and just like Pastor Ron, he seems very "real." I can tell he has been through so much and he is just a great guy. Amanda agreed with me too, it is nice that she takes me to church, and much appreciated, she had a really trendy watch on today too. ;-)

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