Monday, October 01, 2007

important phone calls, and some videos

I got the DVD from News Channel 15, and so I uploaded to share with the world. Today, I went with my mom to get new tires on her car, after that was taken care of we went to Triple A insurance and I filled out an application for a full time job that will be available soon through the holidays. On a confidence Scale of 1-10, 1 being "not confident at all" and 10 being "I got the job." I would say I was feeling about a 4.5, so not too bad.

Then, as I was looking through the video files on my computer, I ran accross this PRICELESS video that was taken a while back at my brothers house, during a bon fire. It is of my nephew Joel, spinning like a champ on a tire swing. Check it out. LOL.

I got a phone call from a guy named Josh Vongunten, he is one of the paid staff for YoungLife. He is a pretty cool guy. I left him a phone call yesterday telling him that I really liked what I saw and would love to be able to become a volenteer staff member. He was syked about what I was saying, so here in the near future we are going to meet up for lunch or something and talk. I am totally excited for this. Also, I have an interview for a housekeeping/light maintence position at Pathway tomorrow at 1:00. Hopefully that goes good, and maybe I will even get it.

I got another phone call from my buddy Evan Pinkerton. Evan joined the Air Force right after high school. Right now he is stationed in Florida, and flies on a MH-53M Pave Low. Long story short, Evan was with his crew doing some practice flying when there was a problem and the chopper dropped out of the air like a rock. The 45 Million dollar plane was ripped in half and Evan and his crew members are lucky to be alive. Evan ships out for Iraq in the end of October.


Anonymous said...

hey mikey! totaly forgot about JD being on that tire swing and you taping it! he was so funny! troy and i had to laugh at him, as he still loves going out there and getting dizzy!! he hasnt changed in that area!! Howeve he has become more monkey like, hard to believe right?

i pray all is doing good for you in the job search and time that you have on your hands right now. amy

I am still me said...

Oh man, that was really funny!!

Came across your other web site and then happened to end up here. Hope things are going well for you!