Wednesday, October 31, 2007

wallet transition ~Happy Halloween~

I am waking up in the morning now. I need to get back into a routine, and waking up at the same time every day no matter what you have going on, is a good way to start. I made a really good breakfast; orange juice, eggs (sunny side up), and toast. I was pumped full of protein and I went and worked out. I kept getting really light headed while I was working out, strange. It’s not because my body isn’t use to it either, I have been working out long enough again now that it shouldn’t be anything new to my body. It’s something to tell the doctor tomorrow anyway. When I was taking a break from in-between reps, I swapped out the contents of my wallet to my new wallet. The bottom wallet was the one I had to say goodbye to. :-( I decided to make the transition because it is not professional looking and just not good for an office setting. The thing that sucks is that I do not have my wallet and all the important stuff attached to me anymore. That is seriously what I loved about that wallet the most. I give it a month till I lose this new one and EVERYTHING IN IT! HA! but, maybe not.

Young Life was crazy tonight. The phrase/saying a picture is worth a thousand words......well I don't know if I could think of a thousand words for these pictures, but I can think of a few. Me & my buddy Laura Wight, thanks for introducing yourself miss!

I'm a rastafarian, Duh.

The pumpkin that is puking won the contest.

After Young Life was over, I went to see The Darjeeling Limited, it was almost "ify" in the very beginning, and then meshed into a really great film. The even better part of the movie was the chica that sat to my left. (starting from the left)Zach Struckholz, Lauren, Evan and Megan Perigo. Hopefully, in the near future I will be seeing one of these siblings more often than the others. ;-)

~~Health update~~

Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment in Indy to discuss the "enhancing lesions" in my brain. Umm, I hope that........I have no idea.....................but that is what is going on. My goal is to leave the doc. office with no more new medications. God is good.

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