Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Ohh, I got my weight's last night; father brought them home from school where they have sat for quite some time. I did get my work out in this morning. I know it was a good one, and that I had worked muscles that had not been worked in quite some time because when I got in the shower after I was done and reached my left arm up to rinse off, it was having trouble reaching all the way up. lol. YESSSS! Now, I have to just find the right time of day, and be able to get on a routine. In due time....ohh yes, in due time.

I read a really awesome article written about why Michael J. Fox is wrong in regards to his support of Embrionic Stem Cell Research. It is so good, I had to post it on my web site. It's long, but worth reading. >>>~Click ME~<<<

Chris got Halo 3 today, and it is amazing.

Last, but definitely not least, tomorrow I am going to be working on a "side job" with my brother Troy. We are both currently unemployed and he needs an extra worker to help him to put up some dry wall. I don't have to much experience, but am a quick learner, and I know how to drill, so it will be a good experience. Also, I will get some much needed 1 on 1 time with my big bro. I need the money, and it's just AWESOME!

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