Thursday, October 04, 2007

Drywalling ain't so bad

Today, me and my big brother troy put up dry wall in this room in this guys basement. It was really awesome being able to work with Troy and get to talk and have fun with him. The plus was I was getting paid to do it! I learned a few things about putting up dry wall, and learned new things about my biological background as well as Troy. The Lord is using my big brother in a really unique way, and I feel very proud to see him grow in the Lord, I haven't even known him that long and have had the awesome chance to see him grow spiritually. We were talking about that today, we got a chance to talk about many things. It was a really good experience.

After that, Mer came over for dinner which was nice, and then I got to play Halo 3! ohh that's right, and it rocks my socks.

Tomorrow is my mom's 58th Birth Day, and I am going to try my best to make her feel special. God help me.

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