Saturday, October 27, 2007

up to date, Dave, Silence and hurt.

First off, I have to say that I did call North American Van Lines first thing yesterday. Cathy told me that she still needed to interview one more person and that she couldn't tell me anything more than, "you're still in the running." She told me that on Monday, I will get a phone call from her and know for sure! So, Monday I will know good or bad if I get the job or not. I still feel confident after hearing the way she talked to me on the phone. But, I just don't know for sure. I just don't know!

Yesterday, my dad decided to rake the whole back yard. It is a good size yard too. I would have helped him, but we only have one rake. SERIOUSLY!Done raking? Then he burnt it, I do love the smell of leaves burning.

It's Saturday, and I got to hear Dave speak again. Ohh, how I really enjoy hearing him speak. I always feel the spirit enter the room when I have a chance to praise with Dave. It doesn't matter, I could just be listening or singing with him. Dave does such an awesome job of challenging me and allowing me to see things that I maybe wouldn't even think to look at on my own. I really get a lot out of him. So glad he popped back into my life.

After church with Dave, me Amanda and Tyler went to the Embassy (old school theatre) down town and watched a magic show and Silent movie. The magic show was put on by Dick Stoner, a local funny man/magician. It was a lot of laughs.

The silent movie was the 1926 film, The Black Pirate. I thought it was great, they organ played through all 82 minutes of it, and it was just like a flash from the past. Tyler and Amanda, not so much but that's ok. We went out to eat, and back to Tylers house. It was then I realized that my mind can be a dangerous thing. All day, and evening I was happy, maybe even hyper. It wasn't until something hit me. BAM like a brick wall my emotional state of mind changed. I can't say what it was, just that it made me really depressed. So much so that I just had to leave. It's horrible and I hate it when that happens, I am better than that. I just really need to get my mind of it and go to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Mikey - Still following your story. :) I want to get a hold of your Mom for a recipe I can't find anywhere. Can you email me? THANKS~Michelle Aschliman