Monday, October 29, 2007


I did not get a phone call from North American Van Lines today like I was promised I would. So, around 3:45-4:00 I called Cathy (lady who was suppose to call me) and she had gone home by the time I called her. Grrrrrr, ~hopefully~ she was swamped and did not have the time to make a simple 45 second phone call telling me that they wanted to hire me. ;-) Or, maybe I’m not suppose to have this job. I DUNNO, I sure do feel confident about it though if that is the case. Whatever happens, happens and I am okay with that.

I picked up a daily devotional today that I purchased a while ago. It is called How Now Shall We Live? By, Charles Colson. It is a great devotional and very challenging. I love being in the word, and I am a retard for not being more disciplined in it already.

Today, I got a lovely phone call from some friends I met when I was getting treatment in China. Dr. Eric Biggs, and Dr. Frank Stark. Two psychologists from California who are visiting family in Decatur. It was so good to see them again, and tell stories and get updates on everyone’s lives. Eric grew up in Decatur, and Frank is a good friend that was his care taker while in China. Eric had an accident a while back when he was visiting Israel; he fell off a balcony of sorts and was paralyzed. That is why he was having treatment done in China. They were in the room right next to mine and we had a lot of fun together in China!
Eric is to the left, and Frank is to the right.

My sister and her fiancĂ© John took me. It worked out really well because John grew up in L.A. so he is a Cali native. Eric and Frank both really enjoyed talking with him. It was so good to see them again, and this Friday they are coming over for dinner and my mom is going to cook up an amazing meal. I CAN’T WAIT!

When I was working out today, I had the radio on a rock station. There was a song playing by Nine Inch Nails called Head Like a Hole. The chorus in it says this>>>"bow down before the one you serve. you're going to get what you deserve." I was just thinking to myself, "man, i'm sure glad we (Christians) don't get what we deserve, we would all be burning in hell."

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