Monday, October 08, 2007

Young Life & Meeting with Dave

Got a chance to meet with Josh Vongunten today. We met at Higher Grounds (coffee shop) and just talked. We talked about what Young Life is all about, and I got a chance to share where I am currently at in my spiritual walk. I was really positive after it, I felt like something extremely good was accomplished. I felt like I was open, honest, and interested. What a great combination!Then, around 6:15 I went over to Daves house (old youth pastor who challenged me) to pray, talk, and seek closure in certain areas that I maybe haven’t quite forgiven myself. It was refreshing and comforting. I fell back in the scripture, and have a couple of specific subjects made clear to me for me to digest through the week. Then, I will call him up for another round. I love Dave’s God given ability to challenge me then help me follow through. He also challenged me to really get back into the word. I know, for me it is best to do this with accountability. I have asked a friend if she would be willing to start a Bible study. Some time in the near future, we will go to the Anchor Room (Christian book store) to find a study we can both agree on and grow from. I am stoked for all this, and really want to continue this push towards a healthy, active relationship with my Father. It’s really different to be excited in something that is solid, something that can fill your every need, instead of something that is earthly, of the flesh or temporary. I really feel motivated to continue this push in the direction I am heading. It’s good stuff.

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