Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There's my call. :-)

I hardly ever post early in the morning, but I will let today serve as an appropriate exception. Around 7:30A.M. I was laying in bed, no joke, not sleeping, just thinking if I was going to get that job at North American Van Lines when my phone started to ring. BAM! Cathy:"Hello Mikey?" Me: "good morning Cathy, how are you?" Cathy: "I'm doing great, do you have a second to talk?" Me: "I sure do." Cathy: "Well, after careful consideration evaluating, we have decided to offer you the position, will you accept?" Me: "I sure do, thank you so much, I am excited to start!"

And just like that I got a job. God is good. I have to give every bit of glory rising out of this situation to him, I feel like I did nothing but open my mouth; something that comes natural to me. Cathy said she will be giving all my information, resume and application to their HR person, and after the back ground check is finished, I will start my 2 weeks of training. I am stoked!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the job!!!Hope its the start of a lot of good things happening for you. Continued good health and best of luck

rileydster said...

Congrats and good luck. I saw your nine inch nails comments and it reminded me of the Breakfast Song by the News Boys:

When the toast has burned, and the milk has turned,
And Captain Crunch is waving farewell.
When the "Big One" finds you, may this song remind you,
That they don't serve breakfast in hell.

Let us know how your health is doing!

Sharon said...


Mikey said...

Thanks so much for the comments guys! SMILES FOR EVERYONE! :-)

Anonymous said...

You know, I kept checking your blog because I was so excited to find out whether this was to be "the job"! Funny because I've never even met you, but after reading about you in the News Sentinel I've followed your blog daily. I really enjoy it and respect your never-give-up attitude and good personality :)

Anonymous said...

yo mikey he's no average joe. he does the right thing doesnt go with the flow. he's a tight guy you should get to know. lifes struggles don't get hime down. he loses the frown and takes it up with the crown of the king of all kings who doesnt neeed diamond rings. hollllla. =]

Mikey said...

WOW! That is officially the coolest comment I have ever gotten on my BLOG before. I am amazed, and blessed that you left me that romment. A romment is a mix between a rap and a comment. THANKS!