Thursday, October 11, 2007

I don't know what to title this blog as....

Dear diary,

I laugh at monkeys that dance in unison with each other, it tickles my insides.

Just kidding, well I mean that does make me laugh, but I am not talking to a diary. Today I slept in a bit, worked out, applied for a position at Parkview North (hospital near where I live) and just was kind of lazy. In the evening, Amanda got out of her Hip Hop class, and then picked me up and we went to a cafe, and had our devotion. It was good. We both enjoyed it, and it was just good.

Me and Troy didn't work today because he was going to go job hunting, ya know turn in some applications and what not. Well, turns out he got a job offer, and he has until 4:00 tomorrow to decide whether or not he is going to take it. I am so happy for him, and he just needs to be lifted up in prayer that he makes the right decision. The right decision for him, his family, and his future.

~Health Update~

It is starting to get cold outside. This kind of makes me feel a little bit of negative anticipation. Mostly because my body does not take very well to drastic temperature changes. I remember last year during the Fall time, I had many health conflicts. I am staying optimistic, and hoping that the stem cell treatment will continue to keep me from progressing, so when people ask me how I am doing, I can continue to tell them, "so far, so good." Inside, I am kind of nervous. I am trusting that God is in control still, and I know that whatever happens is going to happen for a reason, but I can't help but be a little bit anxious in regards to my health. I keep biting the inside of my cheek. I don't know if that is anything M/S related, like muscles not acting quite like they should, or if that is just because I am biting the inside of my cheek. It hurts when I bite it though.


Anonymous said...

justisn't that commerical just funny? it cracks me up to everytime i see it... i have to wondered,, how did they train all those monkeys to dance like that? lol... anyhoot,,, its a great thing that i see happening between troy and you. he has really been enjoying this one on one time with you,,, getting to know you in a whole new light and stuff. and we have enjoyed being able to spend time with you as well, even if it's just a lunch break! I know JD is enjoying play time with you as well!

Continue to have faith that GOD will heal you and help you thru each day, esp as these cold days approach us. we will continue to keep you in prayer that your body will not let you down and you will be able to continue each day with nothing hindering you.

God bless you mikey! you have a great and mighty thing instore for you. i believe that with all my heart. you have so much to offer to those around you and those you havent meet yet. God is going to use in in great ways. Just prepare yourself for when his master plan is revealed so that you are ready!!

we all love you mikey,,, amy

Anonymous said...

I hope that you are very appreciative of your parents, because they obviously take care of you, financially, home, food etc...Most people your age are working and beginning to live on their own and starting on the everyday financial struggles of young adults..Be thankful, very thankful..Regardless of your health situation, you got it pretty good it seems to me..

Anonymous said...

jobs=money. money=car car=independence motivation=job back to top

Sharon said...

to the anonymous who keeps leaving negative comments...
"Let he without sin cast the first stone" John 8:7
be honest with yourself. Its obvious Mikey is trying, and I know that when I am feeling crappy being dug into is the worst possible thing for feeling better. Uplifting comments, maybe?