Tuesday, October 02, 2007

good day

I had an awesome day today. I went for my interview at Pathway for the part time housekeeping position. They start at $10/hr. so that would be great if I get it. I felt pretty confident in the interview and we will see in like a week. He has to go to New Jersey soon, because he God Father passed away recently. Pushes his whole schedule back. Evan Pinkerton came over and we talked for a while about what's goin on in his life. I really did have a good day.

In the evening however, I got Some disTurbing nEws about a friend, news that is just not Pretty in any way, sHape or form. It makes me very disappointed in this friend, and to be honest put me in a very bad mood. I get so disgusted sometimes. Sometimes I feel like the decisions that others make, effects me more than it does the person making the bad decision.

I dunno, I am going to bed.

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