Sunday, October 21, 2007

hey sunday, where have you been all my week?

I really love it when Pathway finds ways to connect the congregation. It was most excellently executed today. Even in simple acts, like asking everyone to hold the hand of the people next to them during prayer. Or, before a time of prayer, asking anyone who needs God’s blessing in their life; be it because of a struggle, fear, tough spot, etc to just sit down, and then asking the people around them who are standing to put their hands on that person as a sign of comfort and love. We want to have a unified body of Christ followers and what a great way to outwardly show love and compassion for your fellow man.

After Church I was talking with my friend Bruce. He wanted to get some pictures of his car (grand prix GTP) which is in really good condition and looks great. The pictures are for a calendar that he wants to try to get his car to be in. We went to Shoff park and got the fall tree’s in the back ground and Brucy got some really good shot’s.

The lesson today was a punch in the face to LISTEN TO THE MESSAGE, NOT THE WORDS! I almost had to laugh to myself while hearing the pastor speak today. Ya see, on Wednesday at YougLife it was the same message. Mark 5:21, the story of the lady who had been bleeding (female bleeding) for 12 years. On Wednesday I was just stuck on the fact that, “these kid’s are going to be distracted by what the story is about” when in reality, I was the one that was being distracted. So, today at church it was the same message, and this time I got it. Here were some of the important notes I jotted down during the sermon.

*Jesus made himself very touchable
-we must remain open to those who long for Christ.
*Jesus touched the untouchables
-we must allow people to approach us with ease, no matter what they look like, act like, or how we may view them
*Jesus touch below the surface of the need
-people long for all types of healing
-we should touch people with compassion, and make them valued
*EVERYONE deserves the touch of Christ
-no sin is too great
-no person is too unclean
*I must get close enough to touch people.

I went to Collateral with Kayla Steury tonight. It was really great to hang out with Kayla, I haven’t been around her for quite some time. Tonight, Chelsy was there. I am sick of this negativity between us. I am really past it, and ready to move on. So, when she walked past the table I was sitting at, I said hello to her, and just by the way she said “hi” back I knew it was going to be difficult. At the end, when I was in the parking lot near her, I said to her that I would like to talk with her in the near future. She said back to me, “I think the last time we talked, you said everything you needed to say when you told me that you hated me.” I said back to her that was one of the things I wanted to clear up. She got frustrated, as did I, and I got in the car with Kayla. When I got back from China I was really angry with her, and said some really harsh things, I think the best way for me to express myself would be to write her a letter and just send it to her house. It is so hard for me to suck up my pride and admit I am wrong. It would be so much easier for me to make her feel horrible and make myself look good, but I don’t want that. I really don’t, I want things to be ok between us again. I have such a big pride, and it get’s in the way all too often.

~Tomorrow I am going to Indy for an MRI~

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Anonymous said...

hey mikey!
praying that your test go great in indy (yeah at the payton manning hospital! go COLTS! had to throw that in for troy!) praying for a safe trip down and back, and safeness while you are there. I also pray that everything turns out great, that nothing is found except improvement and healing! that's what we want right? wouldn't it be great if there was such healing that even the docs were confussed!?

But anyhoot, just wanted to say it's a good thing that you see and realize that you have a pride issue. it's better to see it and deal with it, then to sit back and be like most of today's society and do nothing. So that's a good thing.

and as far as the conversation with your X,just know that it's only the human in us that allows us to do,say,think things that can hurt ourselves and others. it's how you handle and learn from the situtation that makes the end of it.

If you realize that maybe there was something you did wrong, and you take action to fix it then you are doin right. by taking action i mean, that you ask for forgiveness from GOD and those who you hurt/offended/ect. And also praying that you will not enter into such a "trap" from the enemy in the future. times like this will teach you your weakness so you can turn them into your strength. Things happen for reasons, sometimes unknown to us, but known to GOD.

So don't feel like just because the talk didn't go as well as you may have hoped, look at it as your opptunity to fix things. It was very big of you to say hi, when you didn't have to. most won't have, and that right there is a good thing! and when you do (or have) applogize it's up to her at the point to either take it or leave it! that's all that can be done. I know that what you may have said the last time you had talked may have been hurtful, but she would have to realize that it's because you were hurt. (that's another human charaterist we have is trying to hurt those who have hurt us, but GOD can change that to!) so she can either accept your words of appolgy or one day have to answer for her own actions of not! make sense? even Jesus said we are to forgive our brother when they have sinned against us. (think of it, how many times have we asked for forgiveness for things in our own life? and are we not to strive to be like him!)

BUT YOU ARE GROWING in your walk with GOD!!!! this proves it! so congrats! just take what has been thrown in your path and make the negatives and big big postivie (+) for GOD!

i hope this encourages you and is words you needed to hear!

we love ya mikey! amy