Monday, October 22, 2007

To Indy I say!

I had a good trip to Indianapolis to have an MRI of my brain. The technician assured me that the brain was in deed, fully in tact. Then, we (mother & I) had the opportunity to meet up with my 2nd cousin Dan Riley. Now, when I was young I am told that I got a chance to meet him, but to my memory, he is a new face, although not an unfamiliar one. We met up at a dainty Italian restaurant chain called Bravo. I had some good fish and we had a chance to chat and enjoy each other. Right when I saw him, I immediately thought of my Uncle Ray. The face just looked very comparable to me.I look like I have GIANT bear hands in this picture. I can assure anyone who reads this though, they are averagely normal size. ;-)

On the trip home I got a phone call from Pathway. It was John (lead custodian) and he wanted to inform me that they came to a decision and wanted to offer me the 26 hr/week position to me. I told him that I would have to wait until Friday came in order for me to make a decision. So, now I have a back up plan just in case North American Van Lines makes the mistake to not hire me. It’s always good to have options. It would just be so much better for me if NAVL worked out because their hours work around my Young Life obligations and Pathway does not. I don’t know if I am willing to give up Young Life for a job. I do “need” a job, but I know that I am supposed to be volunteering with Young Life. So, we will just see how God decides to handle this. It keeps me on the edge of my seat anyway.

I made some really important phone calls, and talked with a television station interested in my story while giving Preston Walker (guy in Texas I have been in contact with cuz he is starting to fundraise for treatment) publicity. Call went good, and the lady was really nice.

Later on I ended up getting really frustrated. I mean really frustrated, about the stupidest thing. I wanted to punch a hole in the wall and cry at the same time. I ended up working out until I ended up cooling down a bit. While I was bench pressing I was praying out loud in between breaths. Just furious and needed someone I could talk with. I felt like I didn't have anyone, which is non-sense, and I wanted to feel better. I need to find more Christian friends that I can relate with and go through similar struggles as I do. That is going to be my prayer, that God brings someone into my life that can act like an accontability partner (Male, thanks Dan) and friend.

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