Sunday, October 28, 2007

The ground is leveling.

I am thankful for Sunday mornings. I had a rough evening, but I am back to where I need to be now, and for that I am thankful. One thing I really put importance on is understand my own emotions. It is so easy to be on this emotional roller coaster, and I guess it can be tricky. As long as I am aware of what brings me to the emotional peaks and valleys, then I can finish on a straight away. That’s why it is so important to fill my life with as many Christian influences as I possibly can. I think I am going to start reading my daily devotional again. When I am filled with the spirit, I am happy. It doesn’t matter what is going around me. I will learn to have that spirit in me all the time. I am pretty challenged by the sermons at Pathway. Today my challenge was to move into action. Just like the friends of the paralytic man. They were willing to fall through the roof of a home, be hated, be mocked all to help a friend. That is risky faith. I want that.

Get out there:
1. Faith moves you to action.
2. You can’t make a ripple unless you're willing to throw in your life. ~Be willing to do what it takes~ no matter what you think, or others around you.
Risky faith:

1.their faith was persistent. Matt 11:12
2.their faith was inventive/creative. Through the roof! We settle in the church.
3. Their faith was passionate and didn’t accept "no." psalms 139:7-10

These are only some of my notes from the sermon, but they touched my heart this morning. In Psalms 139:7-10 I think God had that written just for me. Pretty much all of Psalms 139 was screaming at me. Reminding me that no matter what is going on, God knows, understands, cares, and sympathizes, has a plan regardless of my frustrations, and most importantly; is in control when I think he is not. I can take a deep breath and let out a big sigh of relief with that in mind.

I got a phone call from Pathway this morning when Tyler and I were on our way to church this morning. It was John (head custodial person) telling me that they had to fill the position, they couldn't wait any longer. Hummmmm, well there goes my back up. But, I am NOT going to bet all my apples on the North American Van Lines position either. If I get it, then it was meant to be. If I don’t, I trust that something else will come along. I really do too. It would be nice though, and I am going to keep praying that it works out. I am excited for tomorrow.

In my life, God is The Giving Tree. This fameous story can represent many things to many people, but to me, this is the story of how we can always fall on God. No matter how selfish, insecure, confused, hurt, angry or unsatisfied we are. He always wants us back.

In the evening I got together with all the Young Life leaders for our every other week gathering. Just to see how everyone is doing, and to enjoy each others fellowship. It’s nice to be able to do that.

Afterwards, it was off to collateral. We watched Evan Almighty, but through the movie I had a chance to talk with a really lovely lady. Her name is Lauren, and it was nice to talk to her. Drop dead gorgeous! And she seems really grounded. I would love it if it is in my future to get to know her a little bit better.

After that, Ryan and Zach took me home; only after we made one important stop. Ryan took be by Chelsy’s house. I dropped off a letter explaining how sorry I was and why I acted the way I acted when I got back from China. I rang the door bell, gave the letter to Kenny (her father) and asked if he would please give it to Chelsy. It took a lot of guts for me to do that, but I am really glad I did. Tomorrow I find out if I get the position at North American Van Lines. I can’t help but be excited. I feel really confident, but does that even matter? I don’t know, and I don’t want to get my hopes up. Then again, there is nothing wrong with wanting something. It is just key to letting it go if you don’t get it. Hummm, that’s a life lesson in many aspects.

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