Thursday, October 18, 2007

Interview tomorrow

I love storms, even if they are off in the distance. I have found that when you have eyes to look, you can't help but see God in everything that happens around you. Now, with storms this is especially true. The lightening, the thunder, wind blowing every where, and just the awww of it all. It's powerful stuff...if you wanna see it.

Today, around 1ish I got a phone call from North American Van Lines! Yep, the position I applied for like a month ago is still available. After I got to talking with the lady a little bit I guess when I called to see about what was happening with the position a while back, I called the wrong place. I dunno I guess they have 2 locations in Fort Wayne, I do know that I have an interview tomorrow at 10:30 and I am stoked!

10 days ago I started using this program called Google Analytics. It is a program that you can use to view traffic, page visits, where people are viewing from, and other things. It's a really useful program if you are curious about your site. In the 10 day's that I have been using it, there has been 524 visits. People from all around the world read my blog, from 10 different countries actually. United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea, Romania, Denmark, Japan, Oman, and Singapore. How cool is that? I think that is SO cool. When I first started this BLOG, I was content with just my sister Merideth reading it. But, so many more do, and I dunno, that is just pretty cool. It's crazy though, it can get way more in depth than countries. I can go as specific as Cities. I know that my cousins in Anchorage read, I know my friend Scott in Sydney reads; "Hey Scott!" I know my friends in Seoul Korea read, "Hey Peter & Jacob!" It's just really a neat thing to be able to look how my simple words and ramblings have come to the attention of people I would have never thought possible. It's enough to make a guy smile.

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