Thursday, November 01, 2007

awww come on.

I got my blood taken today for a test I have never had
before. It is called a Flow Cytometry test. It is a pretty
high tech test, and I bet it cost's a bunch of money.

Dr. Lee, why does it have to bee? I had Dr. Heidi Lee today at the Indiana Center for M/S. She was a small Asian woman, and my mom said, “felt kind of familiar didn’t it?” HA! I was just like, yea mom, she was Chinese….. Silly mother. So, they told me that there were several new lesions, and that the new lesions were showing activity. They were not happy to hear about my black out episode. They think the M/S might be causing small strokes. She explained it like this; since I bit my tongue when I passed out, that shows that it was not a heart or oxygen issue. She said that you won’t usually bite your tongue when it has something to do with not enough oxygen getting to your brain. However, if you have a “mini stroke” it is common for the tongue to be bit. On Tuesday, I am scheduled to have an electroencephalogram (EEG). I just hope that they find that my M/S is NOT causing any kind of stroke activity. If they find this is true, they will put me on more medications, and there won't really be any way for me to get out of it.

Dr. Lee, and Dr. Kolar both think that I should try Tysabri. A Monotherapy therapy (once a month I.V. treatment). Tysabri was taken off the “shelves” by the FDA because it had some issues…. For one reason or another, in the middle of 2006, it was reintroduced for treatment in M/S. The warning label reads this LOUD AND CLEAR!

TYSABRI® increases the risk of progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML), an opportunistic viral infection of the brain that usually leads to death or severe disability. Although the cases of PML were limited to patients with recent or concomitant exposure to immunomodulators or immunosuppressants, there were too few cases to rule out the possibility that PML may occur with TYSABRI® monotherapy.

In the immortal words of Homer Simpson, "DO'OH!"

~quick Q & A~ Asked and answered by myself.
Q: Are you worried about your current health?
A: No, I really do believe that everything happens for a greater reason. A "divine will" is something I have to accept and feel comfortable in.

Q: How are you feeling on a day to day basis?
A: I feel awesome, any symptoms I may have are very liveable. I have energy, and can't wait to start working again.

Q: Is the way you feel, a good way to judge the current state of your M/S?
A: No, there is all kinds of neurological activity going on in my brain, and possibly spinal cord that I would have never known about.

Q: Do the new lesions give a good idea about the current state of your M/S?
A: No, the new lesions just tell me that the Avonex is not doing it's job. It is now time to try a new method.

Q: Does it suprise you that the Avonex is not doing what it "should" be doing?
A: No, Avonex is an interferon; traditional care therapy for M/S, and I have known that these are not successful in treating my disease, that's why I felt so strongly about giving China a try.

Q: Are you possibly the sexiest man in America?
A: I don't like to flaunt, but yes, I think this is probably true.

In the evening, Amanda and I had out devotion...which lead to be quite interesting. Then, when I was in Amanda's car in my driveway, My friend Sara Haines calls me! WASSUP Missy from the East? We chatted for an hour and a half, and then I passed out on the couch for a bit. MY DAY HAS ENDED.


Anonymous said...

hey mikey,

sorry to hear about what's going on, that they think it could be mini strokes. i just felt really lead to share this with you... being a christian means we totally put our trust in God, right? even when things make no sense, not going the way we want, or have no clue what the good man upstairs has in store, but that's why he's in charge. sometimes we just got to have faith that things will work out , that whatever we face will bring a us to a level that our faith and trust in our Heavenly Father is surpassed where we are now.

i feel as though God has looked upon you and said "he can do this. he can handle what ever is thrown at him, and it will bring me glory. it will lead others to me because of his faithfulness". i really feel like God choose you out of many others for you to face what has been laid b4 you to show those around you, this is how it's done. when the world/docs/stats all say this, it's MY GOD that decides what will happen.

think of this, you are able to reach so many lives because you are faced with MS and becuase you are standing on faith, trusting him, and believing you are showing so many around you what God is done and will do. you are planting many seeds! maybe you will get a divine touch and healing that will astonish all the docs to where they say it's a miracle from GOD, maybe you will end up in that wheel chair that you dreed and fear,but all in all... GOD will still be there right beside you. and he will still use you in his will.

Sometimes we are faced with stuff only as a trail of our faith, to show GOD that he is in control and that whatever happens, we still have our faith where it needs to be,. other times its a lesson for us. a lesson to show us to make sure we lay it all down b4 him and leave it there, that we let him mold us into a better vessel. sometimes we need to be thrown back in the fire to make sure that our weakness become stronger. Satan likes to use our weak points against us, because face it, it's our weakness that will make us fall. but if we take our weakness and make it a strength, we get stronger. we can handle trials better.

i hope this encourages you not to let the things of this world weigh you down. take what is thrown at you to GOD and give it to him. I pray that GOD will show you how to handle the situtations before you, that he will cover you in the Blood of Jesus, and that healing will be given to you adn that you can go forth and show the lost what an awesome GOD we serve.

know you are in prayer and thoughts.
You will overcome this, because we are overcomes because Christ has already overcame all.

GOD bless and we love ya! amy

Anonymous said...

although i'm honored to be in your blog.. im a bit disappointed that you can't spell my FIRST name right.....:( lol-love ya kid! get at me soon
-SARA (no h) :)

Mikey said...

DO'OH, my bad miss. I knew that too. Problem solved.