Saturday, November 17, 2007

goof ball to the max.

Is it normal to bring such enthusiastic entertainment upon yourself at any given time? I swear, you could set me down in front of a mirror and I would be laughing at myself in no time. Not like a small smirk or giggle, I am talking about a full blown, full body laugh. Then, when I realize I am just laughing at myself, I think it’s funnier and laugh more. Its good stuff, it is.

Today I started off the Saturday a little earlier than origionally planned, but it worked out for the best, by far. Lauren picked me up a bit after 9 and we went over to IPFW (Local university) and I got a chance to see some of her art work and artistic ability at work, IN PERSON! It was really cool, and I so enjoy being around her.

Here is a pic. of her diligently working away at one of her tiles she is doing for a project she is working on.

When I went home, I got lazy and laid on my couch. That's right, I had pretty low energy and felt like doing nothing more than laying on the couch and watching this thing. I'm not quite sure what it is called yet, but it seems to be all the rave right now. It is in some sort of box and displays images and sounds in sequences. It's quite interesting, Telnamision or something like that. I don't know, but if you are laying on a couch, it is really fitting. While endulging in this practice, I totally spaced out and missed Dave church. I was sooo tired though, I guess it was just one of those days.

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