Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Straight to Young Life.

Another early morning Bible Study today. It was great and we got into some really deep conversations while we took turns reading out of Matthew. It is so cool because we just dig into the word and whatever comes of it comes. Open forum, and I really like that. Whatever the spirit puts on your heart, we talk about.
As soon as I clocked out at work today I quickly went to the bathroom and changed clothes. I got in my car and went right to Young Life. I had a blast tonight at YL! I got a chance to interact and take a leadership role more tonight that I have since I started. I felt comfortable, and I felt like the kids were comfortable with me as well. It was as though it was shared mutually. That was my simple take anyway.
After YL I went over to see Lauren for a bit. It's nice that I can do that. Just drop by and say hello, then leave. It is very independent. I went for a little drive then. I went to a local park, and parked by the river and listened to Christmas music and watched the water flow by. I just thought. I got home and read a note from my dad. He said that he thinks my car has an anti-freeze leak. Pray this isn't true. I know I will be.
I'm so tired, I am out like sour crout!

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