Thursday, November 29, 2007

how did I miss that?

Today is post ~368~ I wanted to make a special post at 365, that way I could say, "I can't believe it, I can say I have been posting for over a year now, and I really can say I officially enjoy it." So, I guess you can read that and believe I am being sincere, but 368 posts just doesn't sound quite as glitzy and glamorous as 365, ya know? I have to say that my 368th post is ALMOST as cool as this Lego taxi station set #668.It is definitely cooler than this New York shield, made to the specifications of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), 2003 Edition. ~*I don't know what this is*~

It's way cooler than both of those.

However, it's not cooler than the 365th post which marks the point I reached when I could officially say I have posted an entire year! I like that a lot.

I was BUSY at work today. Phone call after phone call made my day fly by. I took my 1/2 hour lunch, but didn't even have time to take any breaks. I loved it, and wished every day was like that. I am feeling more and more confident with my job. And even when I run across a problem that I am not positive about, I feel confident with my problem solving skills. It is really an interesting skill to have. Multi-Tasking is the name of the game.

I am so glad I have a chance to be back with some gymnasts. I love to motivate them, and explain why doing that sport is so much more than bending and balancing. How it can really effect a lot of things you encounter in life. The girls really seem to see that I am being genuine with them, and that is a huge plus for me. Tomorrow is my day off, I have Bible study early at 6:00A.M., then I am going to find a time to meet up with Josh(Young Life Staff) and for the rest of the day, well I'm not quite sure what I am going to fill that with. I have a car, so it could really go anywhere. ;-)

!#%&*HEALTH and LIFE UPDATE*&%$*^

I feel really good. I have been sleeping soo good at night. I still have crazy and vivid dreams almost every evening, but I sleep so well, I think it is happening because I am reaching the REM stage of sleep every night. This is the deepest form of sleep where your dreaming occurs. My tremors are still existant, but seem very minor. I haven't been staying on my work out schedule because of all the crazy amounts of activities I have to fill my time, maybe that is why I don't notice the tremors. My relationship with Lauren is progressing at a pace I feel comfortable with, and I am really happy with that. She seems comfortable with that as well; at least as much as I can tell. I feel so blessed to have a car, to ME, life is so much more fufilling, and I am so blessed to be able to give back. I haven't started up a new medicine treatment as of yet. I am really having second doubts about the TYSABRI too. My relationship with God is growing to new heights, and I feel like the more time passes, the more I see the man God wants me to become. I'm trying to put others before myself.~"the first shall be last, the last shall be first"~ I'm not scared about my health.

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