Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's decided.

I am totally going to be able to do an awesome job at work. I know I will like it too. It will constantly be something new and challenging, and I will get to deal with all different types of people day in and day out. I am stoked to get as much experience as possible so everything will start to flow smoothly. I am finding more and more short cut's every time I sit down with a new person. It is really pretty cool to get everyone's input and then pick and choose what is the best way for yourself.

After I got home from work today, I was beat. For not doing anything physically strenuous whatsoever, I was surprised how tired I was. I ate some dinner and got minimal couch time. I managed to stay awake long enough for a quarter after seven to roll around. Logan Simmerman picked me up and we went for a drive. Logan had a tragic loss in his family recently and I wanted to reassure him that I am keeping him in my prayers and thought life. We went for a drive and ended up parked in front of his house for a bit and just talked. We talked about all sorts of things, and considering the situation he is in, I think he is really handling himself very well. Emotionally he seems to be dealing, and the way he spoke about things when I asked him questions gave me the impression that he is dealing with deep seeded hurts. Or, at least taking all of the new feelings into consideration, so that he can deal with them when he understands them a little more. A good smile, from a great dude who ran into some tough times. God is good in all things.

I have made my decision. I am going to start the Tysabri. I have signed the papers and they will be sent out tomorrow. Then, it could be up to 3 more weeks until I start the first Monotherapy. I feel fairly comfortable with my decision. Comfortable, not confident. But, at this point, I will accept that.

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ElGenius said...

hi, this is elgenius. Thanks for the comment on the awesome wewriteaboutgames.blogspot. That blog is really just a buch of sad kids (including me) writing about games, so thanks.

Read the post. You are a very deep person. For someone of my age, it was hard to digest.

Anyway, here's hoping you tune in to the blog a couple of times, give us some feedback, and that you make it in your quest for a place in the world. I'm sure you'll pull through.