Thursday, November 22, 2007


I am thankful for so many things. The really cool thing about a day like today is that it put's everything into perspective for you.

thank·ful (thăngk'fəl) adj.
Aware and appreciative of a benefit; grateful.
Expressive of gratitude: a thankful smile.
Right when everyone got together in the living room before everyone went and got their food, my mom asked if anyone wanted to share what they were thankful for. My cousin Jennifer said worded it pretty darn good. Jennifer explained that she was so thankful that through all the years she was still able to come together as a family on Thanksgiving. That she has some of her fondest memories from past Thanksgiving’s. There were a lot of heads nodding in agreement as she spoke. It made me realize that my biggest supporter besides my Mom and Dad of course is my family, full or half. They have always had my back and loved and supported me through everything they possibly could. When I needed to go to China, I know for a fact that many people in my family stepped up to the plate in a variety of ways. It just feels good to know you have so much unconditional love from such a big body of people.
This is a shot of me and Cloe playing a little checkers. I taught her how to play checkers, and she showed me how to play Chess on a piece of paper. She explained that Chess was much easier to play, and would have loved to show me how; if only we had a chess set......
This thanksgiving I am thankful for......

God’s grace, my parents, my sisters, my half brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, Jared, a home, privileges, friends, food, laugh’s, smiles, good smells, memories, compassion, beauty, Lauren, a vehicle, a bed, intelligent conversation, realness, babies, accountability, music, skiing, stories, love and the ability to enjoy life to the fullest no matter what it may throw at me.


Anonymous said...

hey mikey, i'm thankful for all my personal, family stuff too, but i'm thankful that you seem happy, gotta a car, girlfriend, job, faith, and just seem positive on your blog..God Bless

Mikey said...

It's so easy to stay positive when you can see your blessings displayed right in front of you. I think it is realizing that you are blessed and staying positive no matter what the circumstances. So, I guess the real test will come when the frustrating times press in. :-) I'm determined though. God bless right back at ya!