Friday, November 02, 2007

leader training and FRIENDS

I had such a great day today. I went to the first of several Young Life leader training meetings. It was good to just get the basic guidelines and feel for what the goals of Young Life are. I am excited for next Friday because it should be more discussion time about the book we are reading for it. It's called The Master Plan of Evangelism by Rovert E. Coleman.

In the evening, Dr. Frank Starks and Dr. Raef Eric Biggs. I met them while in China. They were actually in the room right next to mine in China. Eric grew up in Decatur, and it was so nice to have them over. My mom made an awesome dinner, and they guys LOVED
it so much. They really, really love her cooking.

After dinner, we sat around and enjoyed each others company. Good conversation with friends is always fun, we told stories from China and it was a really good time. My sister Merideth came over and they loved meeting her. Glad you made it out MER!

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