Tuesday, November 27, 2007

going good, Gymnastics and HOLY CRAP!

At work I am starting to feel comfortable with the protocol or standard procedure when I take a call. I know what to say, what to type, where to look for information and what to write down. It is a beautiful mix of multitasking and problem solving. It is so much fun when it is constant and the phone calls are coming in a strong stream. When it is slow, it is the most boring thing in the world. During the slow times I really try to keep up on my hand to eye coordination (I play online video games).After work I rushed to my former High School for Gymnastics practice! I forgot how much I love to hang around with these girls and motivate them in their activities. It's great, and I am so glad Michelle thought of me when she needed an extra person. It is so cool to see some of the Senior girls this year. There is Kindra, Jackie and Kaitlyn. They were just Freshmen when I was a manager my Senior year, and it is really cool to see how they have moved into leadership positions. I am really looking forward to helping out with the girls again.

I am exhausted though. I don't have much time for many other things. In my opinion, this is a good thing, I watch less T.V. and stay active. Having a car really changes everything.

Speaking of CAR!! On my way to Leo, I was on a small stretch of road called Popp that is near my house. There is one part of it where the tree line comes to both sides of the road, and 3 deer ran onto the road as I was driving by. One of them was ran right in front of me, and I managed to swerve past him. Another one made it accross the street and wasn't an issue. BUT, the third one ran right into the back of my car!! Yea, I haven't even been driving a whole week, and a deer ran directly into my car. I was going probably 45MPH too. The grace of God kept me from hitting that first one though. I was shaking pretty badly after this happened though.

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