Sunday, November 18, 2007

encouragement & the Word

On the 14th I got an E-Mail from a couple named Jeff and Debbie McKinney (parents of a boy @ my dad's school). I believe they started to follow my story when I was in China and just took an interest in My life, My journey. Well, on the 14th they replied in regards to my excited baptism Mass E-Mail I sent out and I wanted to share their comments because it is very powerful and true.
Once you've been "baptized in the holy spirit" you are born again of incorruptible seed. It can never change; you will always be God's son whether you got dipped or not. The important thing is that you confessed Jesus as your Lord and believe God raised him from the dead. That's really the beginning of a life walk with your heavenly Father. He is always there for you and will never leave you, for He is good always. –Jeff and Debbie McKinney

Tonight at Collateral, they had an amazing format for reading and discussing the scripture. The guys in the front are the fearless leaders. Starting from the left is; Pat, Nick & Brian. Pat is wonderfully gifted in the scripture. He is extremely knowledgeable and wise. Yea, I think Wise is probably the best way to put it. So is Nick and Brian, but Pat's perspective is just so deep. Nick is the worship leader for Collateral and gave a more contemporary view, mixed with a bit of personal experience. He was able to bring the relational part into focus. Brian does an amazing job of holding everyones attention and bringing it close to home with his stories and loud, in your face input. They meshed so well together, and it just really worked good tonight. The lesson tonight at Collateral reinforced a feeling I had, and pushed me to let that feeling out. After Collateral, I went back to Lauren's house with her cuz Brittney. We watched Little Miss Sunshine and then Lauren took me home. It was when Lauren took me home and I invited her inside to get this "feeling" out of me, that I believe I made a defining moment in our relationship. I see great things for the two of us, and certain things need to be said EARLY ON, in order for everything to run the way God intends it to. They were said. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Mikey,

I have followed your story/blog since I read an article in the NS. Then, a story ran on TV and I kept being interested. My family and I have attended Brookside for almost 10 years. I was pretty excited to see that you attend Collateral! (I can't...too old!) On Sunday morning, our Sr. Pastor, Jim Pearson, was so excited about what happened at our services last week, he could hardly contain himself. He told the whole congregation what had happened in Collateral! So...congrats! Keep up your amazing positive attitude. We are praying for you!

Mikey said...

Do you know how it makes me feel when I hear that someone took an interest in my life and continues to read posts? Well, It makes me feel pretty awesome!