Saturday, November 03, 2007

Supremely good day today

Today started slow; seemed plain and didn’t look too promising. It ended up being pretty darn good. Darn good I say. Got up around 11:30 or noon, got some food, and was just lazy on the couch till around 3 probably. Got around and started a verse memorization book/card thing. I think it is formatted to work really good, especially with my brain. Amanda picked me up at 4:45 for church which was SOOO GOOD! I love hearing Dave speak, I don’t know if it is because I have such massive amounts of respect for him, or the message, or the worship time. I really can’t pin point what it is exactly, I just love it and feel like I am suppose to be a part of it. I feel lead to be a part of it. Great feeling by the way. My friend Tom came today too. He is a Young Life staff member and just a really amazing guy. He is 20 years old just like me, but on a completely different level. I am amazed and maybe a little intimidated by his faith and spiritual knowledge. I am so glad he came though.

Lauren was suppose to come to this church service tonight, but couldn’t make it because she was still coming back from Purdue where she got to see ~~Phill Wickham~~ at a coffee house. The guy has mad talent, you should check out his Web Site. So, when I got home I sent her a text message seeing what she was doing. Well, turns out she had a little issue with her foot. It is kind of strange, and she doesn’t really know why, but it became black and blue and swollen and painful. She is even walking with a bit of a limp. She was at Redimed (local care facility) in the waiting room, waiting to be seen by the Doc/RA. Told me she was lonely….I knew I had to get there fast. I sucked up my pride and asked my dad if he would take me. My dad, being the amazing, patient, loving, and sweet guy that he is hopped in the van and took me right over. I was sitting in the waiting room when she exited the back room. Awww, I saw her eyes light up for just a second, and it was good. We went back to her house and had a chance to talk. Really talk. It was so good for me because she is spiritually strong and that is important to her and me. We kind of “click” with each other. I think we did right from the get go. We have many similarities, and differences. Where we are similar we would be able to appreciate that. Where we are different, we would be able to learn from each other. What I am trying to say is I am excited to see where this will go. Did I mention she is drop dead gorgeous? Because she is. I felt a little Getty when she dropped me off at my house. I smiled a lot through the evening, and her eyes are just right there. Enough said.
If I found a Yoga Studio around Fort Wayne that was called Blissful Monkey. I would start taking YoGa.

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