Thursday, November 08, 2007

dream world, and reality.

I can only hope that I am wrong, but I can’t ignore the feelings that I have. And the things that I have been noticing. I don’t want to over exaggerate by any means, but I have been having very vivid dreams. Take this morning for instance, I woke up and had to question if it really happened to me. The last time I remember having dreams like this, I ended up in the Emergency with vertigo so bad I couldn’t walk straight for weeks. My body just hasn’t been responding like it usually does either. Short term memory is really shady, and I forget words left and right. It doesn’t scare me, it just keeps me on the edge of my seat thinking, “what will happen next?”

I remember bit’s and pieces of my dream. I remember there being snow, and an old friend. I can’t remember any specific’s, but I do remember snow and an old friend. I went on Google’s IMAGE search, and this one seemed the most familiar to me to whatever reason. I feel like this picture was stolen out of my dream.

My mom informed me that Logan Zimmerman's(high school friend) father killed himself yesterday. He hung himself at his house. I don't want to go into specific's, I am just asking people to say a prayer for Logan and his mother.

Got to talk to Lauren today again. Our phone conversations go on and on, and never get boring. She makes me laugh, and think, and appreciate things that maybe I wouldn't take the time to appreciate if I wasn't in communication with her.
She made me think about writing. I think, if I "HAD" to write every day. Like if I was forced to do so, I would hate it. The thought of that makes my lip curl up and just be in disgust. It's a good thing that I don't write under those circumstances though. It is a GREAT thing that I can write freely and enjoy every minute of it. Even when I am slowly fading to black like I am right now. (Lunesta is kicking in) I sure hope this BLOG doesn't have many spelling errors. I'm to ~HaLfE pAsSeD out to go back and check.

God is so good, even in the bad he is just unrelentingly full of Grace and that is, once again,
such a comforting feeling. Thank you God, for giving me this day. Thank you for blessing me with the people who are in it, and trusting me to make the right decisions that I need to make.

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