Sunday, November 04, 2007

A bleak reminder

(Matt's head was split open pretty good, there was so much dried
blood all over his fingers)
Last night my cousin Matt was involved in a horrible car accident. There was drinking involved and possibly a deer. Matt was flown to Fort Wayne very early this morning. He really is lucky to be alive. I am just praying for healing, and that this can some how touch his heart. He has been through so much; I am scared that he won’t get another chance. When it was just me and him in the hospital room for a while, I just prayed over him when he fell asleep for short amounts of time. I looked at his face and it really was a grim reminder of what I left in my past. You never think something like this can happen to you. In a matter of seconds everything can change. I love Matt, and know he is so much better than the person he is being. Pray for Matt and his family.
It's so hard to see someone you care about physically hurt. It is even harder to see them hurt in an emotional and spiritual state. I went back and stayed with matt until about 10:30. His parents left to go home at 7:00 and I kept him company for a while after. My heart hurts for this guy, and wish so badly that this could impact his life in a positive way. My pessimistic thought process just doesn't see it happening.
This morning I went to early church at Pathway with Lauren and her mother. It was a great service. Jam packed too. They had baptism, communion and a short message. Quite impressive!
God is good in all things.

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Anonymous said...

i feel the need for another rap.
grab a beat and go.

this is the mikey rap numba 2 he's tight like me tight like you he stay coo in situations where you and i might flare but nothing seems to hard for him to bare. could it be that he has a way to know just the right thing to say he does what he wants and its usually good but if he messed up and wanted forgiveness he could go to God cuz he's almighty. mikey is tight thats that alrriiiighty. =]