Sunday, September 23, 2007

A good quote to start off with.

Right out of his wellness book. (P.S. I have not read this book, just found the quote and agree with it)
The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually. -Greg Anderson

Man, Greg hit the idea of "total wellness" right on the head. That is so true, especially with someone with M/S. Thanks Greg.
Today, I went to Church with Amanda again. It's nice to go to church with someone that is on the same level as you in certain areas of life. She really appreciates Pathway for some of the same reasons I do also.

Today's lesson was...What keeps us from being lead by the Lord? And there were 4 great points for why we sometimes don't hear what he is trying to tell us.
1.) We must stop listening to the lies of the enemy."
-we have to be aware of "who" the enemy is. He has many different forms, it might be..The enemy might be someone telling us lies, and deciting us.
*a friend trying to get you to PARTY, may say, "ohh, common Mikey, you are only 20 years old, why do you care so much about being a good Christian, you have plenty of time to do that later."
2.) We must stop hiding from the presence of the Lord.
-we must not run away from caring friends, or good counsel/guidance.
Pastor gave the example of Adam & Eve in Genesis when they ate the forbidden fruit, once they did, they realized they were naked, and hid in the bushes and clothed themselves.
*what bushes do I hide in?
-my bushes would be my image, my friends, my comfort level, and probably "the norm" or the way I have always done things.
3.) We must stop listening to the voices of the past.
-all to often we get stuck up in the memories of the past, or the nostalgia of the past.
*Psalms 32 tells us to let go of the "lingering voices."
*Pastor talked about how GUILT can be both positive and negative in our lives. He used acronym’s to show this.
Positive Guilt: God's Unique Intentional Loving Treatment
Negative Guilt: Grief United In Lifelong Torment
4.) the 4th and final point was given from Ephesians 3:17-19
Begin today to embrace the Grace of Jesus Christ!
I really got a lot out of today's message. It's great when you can walk out of church understanding, and feeling closer to God. I think that may be a sign that you are doing alright. I think it's when I leave confused, or feeling guilty when I may be struggling. At least for me anyways.
**Today is the 1 year anniversary of me getting my OWI. Ohh yes, one complete year ago I was arrested for operating while intoxicated. I got drunk and drove into a corn field. It is amazing to look over my blog to see how much I have changed in the past 300 and some days since I have started posting. God is a powerful force. One that I am ever thankful for. **

I got an E-Mail from a girl named Whitney Soberalski, she knew much more about the accident than I. Here are the words she wrote to me.
"My name is Whitney Soberalski and I am with you in your belief in the power of prayer..... Jeff Jehl is one of my closest friends and he is dealing with a lot right now. Josh was also someone Jeff knew. Jeff goes to Leo and is a Senior this year. Josh's sister Amanda is involved with our youth group and so there in a great connection between Josh and Jeff. Jeff's dad had Josh as a student in HS. They both go to the same church. So if there couldn't be any more connection than that then i do not know what? Jeff was on his way to Mass where he was doing the readings this week. I knew something was wrong when Jeff didn't show for mass. He's one of the most spiritual persons I know. As it was explained on the news and from Jeff's Parents.... the motorcycle had been traveling at high speed when it pulled out into the intersection in front of Jeff and that is when they impacted. Josh was thrown into the ditch and air lifted to the hospital where he passed away. Jeff's truck went into flames while josh was still in the air. The truck exploded and by some divine intervention in my belief Jeff jumped out of the flames with only 2nd degree burns on his wrists and hands. How he was able to take his seatbelt off and open the door and escape while the truck had flames in the cab is a miracle. He should have been dead. However like i said Jeff is a man of faith and with all the connections there were between the two it makes this so much harder on him. Physically he will be ok but spiritually and emotionally he is pretty messed up. He wouldn't talk to police or the doctors or even his parents. He strictly wanted a priest and so he did talk to one. He's vulnerable to any lie the devil may try and tell him and he's not in a stable mental state, The poor kid is shaken up and giving himself a hard time."
Below is a picture of Josh.

The girl to the left is my friend Ashley, she dated Josh for quite some time. Her name is Ashley Schaffer. I know this hit her and her family very hard. I was friends with Josh's little brother Matt, who was a year younger than me. Josh was either 22 or 23.

R.I.P. Josh Amstetz

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Anonymous said...

prayers are being said!!
it's such a sad thing when this kind of thing happens, and it should show all of us that life is just a twinkle in GOD's eyes and we should always be ready. We never know what God has in store for us, and when our time will be up. so i pray that all who reads that will consider taking a moment to evualted their one lives to make sure they themselves are ready for what ever is in store for them.

i pray all is good for you mikey! I know GOD has been blessing us and i pray he is blessing you as well! take care! AMY

p.s. haley and her friends got a kick out of the blog on her party! mahaley really enjoyed having you there! and so did we! we all love ya mikey