Monday, September 17, 2007

tomorrow it'll be done, seriously

Alrighty, so the resume wasn't completed today, but it is my fault, I left one important piece of information out of my E-Mail to Kathy (creator). You can put the blame on me, yea you can put the blame on me ;-). So at work today I was pretty pissed off. Seriously, for real, and yes. As far as the gettin paid ladder, I am bout on the lowest step. This pisses me off, because people who have been there for months less than I are getting paid better than me. I don't even want to talk to Mark (owner), I just want to keep this motivation I have inside me to find something else, something better. I am going to keep working my butt off, and doing the same great job I have always done. I guess I learned one thing. Don't let work get personal. You work for money, you shouldn't let caring about working, or anyone at work, or anything personal intermix with money. Put money first "when you are at work", that's why you are there. Ughhh, that is so not me though, but I guess I have to change that about me. I am frustrated about several things, frustration building. Ya know what though, even though I feel like I am not appreciated at work, and I am constantly asking myself why I work so hard even though I get no return....I am going to continue as I am and have been.

I have great news from the other side of the world. My friend Scott Bushell from Australia has positive words for me. He is a comforting "bloke" and I am very happy we can confide in each other. It is most definitely an appreciated relationship.

I have been using the restroom, "peeing" all day. If my memory serves me right, this happened about this time last year. I think it may have something to do with the cold mornings at work. The body does not like cold.

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