Sunday, September 09, 2007

feeling good, feeling great, how are you?

When I walked out of church today, I felt like I was leaving a really good concert. It is a good feeling to make that spiritual connection at church, and I even got to share it with someone who agreed with me. Amanda Guy took me to church, it was kind of through random events that it worked out, but it worked out none the less. >>> to the right is a picture of Amanda, she is a cutie for sure. I'm glad she decided to visit Pathways/ give me a ride, and I am pretty sure she felt what I always feel when I leave Pathways. She seems very down to earth and spiritually connected.

Today's lesson was from Pastor Ron, who is back from his 6 week leave. The elders thought it would be good for him and his family to take a little break, so the past 6 weeks Pathways has been blessed with visits from all different speakers. It is good to have Pastor Ron back though.

That was the question for the lesson today. We learned that God does want, what we want. Psalms 20:4 talks about how God wants us to have the desires of our heart. I think I could especially relate to this lesson because it is so much easier when I have a defined drive/motivation. We got some really good things to look out for in order to keep this DRIVE for God moving in the right direction. These are also from my notes, they are probably confusing.

Watching my RPM's:
Because it is important to not over do it, it is good not to push yourself past your limit's. This is especially important to me, and hit close to home because I have to really watch what I do for my health's sake. What to look for when watching my RPM's>>>
1.) Comparison "mine is better than yours" try not to compare, be content with what you have.
2.) Compulsion "do it all, have it all, right now, RIGHT NOW!" compulsion can get to your head real quickly. It is important to keep this in check.
3.) Conflict "asking with wrong motives can be a huge conflict"
4.) Complication "don't complicate things, life will do that on it's own, keep it simple"
How to drive wide open:
1.) Learn to be content. Be happy with what you have, the people in your life, and the things you are blessed with. Look for them too. Philippians 4:10

  • value of life is not found in possessions.
  • don't be a slave to your stuff.

2.) Out give your taking Isaiah 58:7

  • giving free's up your hands, mind, soul.
  • 3.) Be rich towards God
  • love God above all things.
  • when you love God, your love for man will increase also.

4.) **don't forget to remember to die**

That last note was added by pastor Ron. It wasn't in the list that was shown on the projector, and I don't quite understand it 100%. Does it mean to remember to die to your sinful wants and desires, does it mean die in the blood of Christ? If anyone has any input, I will listen with open ears.

So, at lunch today, I felt like my mom kind of got me a little off track today. She knows that it is my priority to save up for a vehicle, and then go back to school. It is something that is very important to me personally, and I was very comfortable in my decision, she weakened my confidence level. Telling me that it would be smarter to get back into school at first chance, meaning next semester. But, raising the funds by then would be out of reach for me at this time. So, I become a little frustrated, not to mention today in church, I noticed my tremors are back full force. Almost as bad as they were right before I left for China. This tells me that it is because of the physical exhaustion I put my body through every day at Vision Scapes. I need a new job, where I don't put my body through the rigors of work that I do at such a such a physically active job like Vision Scapes. (sigh) I'll figure it out though.

In the evening, me and Kaley Menshy

went to a Sunday night church at a church in Fort Wayne called Brookside. The evening is based towards college aged people. It was really nice, and it was "meant to be" because there was a bunch of people there for the first time, and it just so happens that they started a 6 week study on finding your spiritual self. We both really enjoyed it, and felt like we were suppose to be there. It was really good, quite happy with that. It is called collateral. Here is a shot below.

~Health Update~

My tremors are back. Pretty much as bad as they were before I left for China. I am pretty confident when I say it is because of all the work I force upon myself at work, which is more motivation to find a job else where.

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