Thursday, September 27, 2007

I am done tomorrow.

Tomorrow is officially my last day at Vision Scapes. I won't be too sad to leave it, I will however, miss the people, not their bad habits, but them; definitely. Today, when I was working, I thought about Young Life non-stop. I really loved being there, and I sure would love to become a part of the team. I think I am going to make a phone call tomorrow. I sure do need to find a job as well. I could sure use prayer, asking for guidance and wisdom on what I should be doing right now.

Beautiful evening sky tonight. I heard the crackle of thunder, and some lightening strikes in the far off sky through the window. SO, I went outside in the driveway and looked North. It was such a beautiful scene. Full moon, lightening half of the sky, showing the dark mean looking cloud's coming in. And the other half clear and calm looking. I felt really lucky to see such a beautiful sight. I love the should of thunder.



Anonymous said...

hey mikey,

prayer, prayer, prayer, it's all on the way!

i pray that GOD will open his plan to you, that he will use you according to his will. That you will be open to his voice and plan, to accept and move forward to what GOD has instore foryou. That as you step forward into what is a new chapter in your life, that YOU will have the strength (physcally and spiritually hey even mentally) to go forth and do what is needed. that everything you say and do will reflect glory back to GOD. that he will bless and keep you under his grace.

I pray that as you go forth, that friends will be made. THe kind of friend who will encourgae you in GODs way.

if you stop and think of what all GOD has already done for you in your life, you can see there is something great and mighty just around the corner! continue to have faith, be encouraged in his word, and be ready for what he is going to do!

we love ya mikey! and may GOD truely bless you! amy

Mikey said...

wow Amy,

What powerful words of wisdom. Thank you for that, and for your prayer.

Anonymous said...

hi mikey, i too pray that you find what you are looking for in a job, it appears that you have a lot to offer others who need direction..
God works in odd ways and through people you wouldn't expect even people who come off as ass's, ya its me again...There are many roads you can travel to get to the same destination, some roads that you may not think to take.. Be open to everything and every option you have...I sincerely pray for you and think of you often, because i sense a loss of direction and opptimissim in your posts..Be positive and open to other people and their beliefs or lack of beliefs too because that is their choice too..You don't have to be a christian or religious person to be able to help you get what you want, those are your beliefs, so please be open to anything...Again God bless, and hoping for good health and end of the rainbow dreams come true for you...and me