Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday= Young Life & Interview

Today I got a phone call from Alyssa Ivensen, from Wayne News Channel 15. She called and let me know that she wanted to do a follow up interview. I was thinking, "ohhh, cool, an interview would be good in a week or so, give me time to think about it..." Well, she was thinking a little more in the near future. Like this afternoon at 2:00. I got the voice mail at 10:05, and the interview was at 2. So much for planning. But, the interview went well, and I really liked what Alyssa put together. I will post it on the BLOG once I get the DVD copy of the interview.

THEN, this evening I went to the YOUNG LIFE big opening event. All these high school kid's come together, and they chatted with them for a bit.

Then they did a couple of skit's. Everyone was really into it. It was pretty darn funny too. After this it only got crazy. Earlier I helped set up some of the "Games" they had planned. First thing we had to do was empty out $150 worth of whip cream and choc. syrup. Put all of it onto a big tarp. We had frozen watermelons caked with Crisco, and some tug of war action. They kid's were completely soaked with all the sticky, inkiness you could possibly think of. They loved it, and it was great fun to watch. I would LOVE nothing more than to become a volunteer staff member of Young Life, and hopefully I can help make this happen in the near future.


Laura W. said...

Heyy. I was at younglife. pretty sweet stuff it was my frist time seeing as hom i'm a freshman. i dunno if you remember me but my mom worked at boxed delights with your mom and yeaah. fun stuff =]

Mikey said...

Laura, what is your last name? Then I can check the memory bank to see if I remember your mom.

Anonymous said...

I recently read your story about your fight with MS and your recent trip to China for stem cell therapy. I too suffer from a chronic illness that is at times debilitating and makes me feel horrible but is not fatal.

I wanted to commend you on your continued strength. Some day there will be a cure and you will be healthy again. I truly believe that stem cell research will find a cure for many of us with illnesses. Take care.

Laura Wight said...

hey! its wight. =]