Friday, September 28, 2007

I pray for

To start off my last day at Vision Scapes, I did everything as usual. Once I got in the truck and was about to pull out with the crew, my boss (Mark Nolot) came up to me and shook my hand, he thanked me for all my hard work and said Vision Scapes will miss me. It isn’t something that I have to hear from a boss, I am going to work hard regardless, but it is definitely something encouraging to hear, I am glad I got to hear it before I left. All day I kept questioning my judgment; I do this often because deep down inside I want to think that my disease doesn’t limit me in any way, shape or form. When in reality, it does in a big way, and if I don’t respect that, I will only make life in the long term that much more difficult. I know I am supposed to leave work involving physical labor because I know it is difficult on my body. I also know that God will provide me with job. I just have to look for it, and be diligent. I made several calls after I got off work. It looks like North American Van Lines is not going to fill the positions that I applied for at this time. I was turned down from East Allen County Schools as well as Fort Wayne Community Schools because of my OWI I was convicted of last year. Parkview denied me a desk job, and wouldn’t give me a reason why. I am still waiting to hear back from the housekeeping position at Pathway, (church) but even if I do get that, it is only a part time position. I suppose I could go to an employment agency……but………~ick~

Tomorrow my dad and I are going to the Purdue vs. Notre Dame game in West Lafayette. Purdue should be stomping on them Notre Dame boy’s, but it should be fun anyways. It is always interesting to see what kind of conversation my dad and I get into. He isn’t the most out spoken man in the world, but I really do respect what he says, probably more than he knows.

I got another great compliment today from a good friend. Me and this good friend went over to my buddy Chris’s house today in the evening. Me and my buddy talk and have intelligent conversations on a regular basis, which is nice. Well, after some talk of people and situations he flat out said, “Well, Mikey you have made some really huge changes in your life, not just quitting dope, but in all aspects of your life, that isn’t something most people can do very easily.” My eye brows went up, and I really felt like he was being very sincere. It was nice.

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