Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another great Sunday

Okay, so my buddy Zach picked me up this morning. We went to Pathways, great service.n This is one of the points i learned today. Don't force Christ down people's throat. Consistency is essential. Be their friend first. *Actions speak louder than words.*
Also, don't be afraid to put Jesus right in frong ot people. When the right time comes, let people know what you believe. You CAN NOT be ashamed of your Savior. Society thinks "Christians" are narrow minded. Only 1 way to the Father???

M/S Update:
Today in church i was really shaky. I mean the backs of my legs were shaking so bad it was making my muscles sore. ahhhh, i hate being shaky! My body has been acting up to heat more than usual also. Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold. Sweaty, Dry, Sweaty, get's old real fast. I am keeping a positive mind set though. My friends are starting to take interest in my cause, and want nothing more than to help me out. It is a really good feeling.

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that news article is great... I'm glad people are gettin' the news out!