Thursday, February 22, 2007


yo yo yo, today kinda sucked

i worked really hard and barley made a buck.

I went store to store, just tryin to spread the word.

But i'm not really worried, cuz God told a little bird.

To tell me not to worry, that it would be alright.

So i keep on moving forward, and keep the prize in sight.

Yea, so my mom & I went around from business to business trying to get places to donate to my cause. Either cash donation, or a non-monitary disease. I guess it comes down to this. I really don't advise getting Multiple Sclerosis. In fact, I think I am going back to the hospital at the beginning of next week, and taking it back. Cuz, it really isn't working out too well. So, yea, taking it back.

Honestly, very confusing.
Maybe single is best for a while longer.
BUT, BUT, BUT..........


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