Monday, February 12, 2007

POST 101!!

Okay, so this is officially post # 101. Wow, I heard you feel really different after your one hundred and first post. But, to be perfectly honest. I feel no different. In fact, I feel quite the same. Ohh well, so today is the second day i tried to get in contact with Pam Kessie (Star Bucks district manager). I really don't understand why she hasn't called me back, she seemed extremely legit. Soo......I really hope she calls me back. If she doesn't that would really suck a lot. But, breaking your ankle, stabbing your foot with a spike, getting a paper cut, or getting maced would suck more.

I struggle with the everyday. I think it is because my life is such a roller coaster. Honestly, I have to stay as neutral as possible. I need to get out of this house, I NEED THIS STEM CELL TRANSPLANT!!! Friggin ey.

L-I-M-B-O, L-I-M-B-O, L-I-M-B-O, L-I-M-B-O, and my life is in limmmmbo.

with that done and said, I already know what i need to do in order to feel better, and stop the feelings of hesitation. I need to stop, pray, and let go. Every time i do this, things are better. My situation might stay the same, but everything is soooo much better. Keep your head up, mikey. It's all good.

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