Wednesday, February 21, 2007

yes, one StarBucks please.

This morning it started off really foggy outside. When i say foggy, i mean like 1/16th of a mile foggy. I am pretty sure that is only half way around the track. Thats some serious fogg for ya. My sisters friend Andrea picked me up from my "CriB" around 10. Then we drove to the Meijer out on Lima and I got some blank DVD's. THEN we drove to the Starbucks right by Meijer and sat and had outselves a good little talk. It was everything I wanted it to be. I got a chance to better understand Andrea, and I think the same went for her. It's pretty cool because God shows up all over the place. It was good.

After that I went home, got my pee container. The reason I had a pee container is because My M/S Doc. wanted to do a 24hr heavy meatels test. So i had to pee in a container for 24 hr. Super fun.......

Then I went and got my hair cut, My friend Kaley M. cut it for me, she did a really outstanding job too. She always does. Kaley is something special. Has always been way out of my league, but an amazing friend to say the least. after dat, i went and WORKED ON THE MOVIE! I had to make a movie for the benefit show she is doing for me. The video thing ended up flowing together really well. REALLY WELL. My friend Dylan filmed it and put it together for me. He is a wizz with a camera, and will probably be a fameous filmographer some day. That word i used isn't even a real word is it? Okay, awesome. Ohhh, some of the tree's looked really super pretty this morning. Check it out.

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