Wednesday, February 28, 2007


When is it okay, or acceptable to question God? For instance, I have always run on instinct. I do what “feels right.” Now, I do know that my motives and emotions can stray my gut feeling. But when I pray for his help, and ask him specific questions, and he delivers. Is there any reason I should questions those results? I am a pretty deep thinker. And I would like to think that I try keeping God up there on some of my deepest thinking.

So….my struggle is coming from my mom. She doesn’t feel comfortable about the decisions I am making. So, if I continue with where I feel I am led, is that going against my parents? The bible does say to honor thy father and thy mother. Would I be going directly against my mom?

The feelings I have are definitely more than I can put into writing. All I know, is that through my daily walk with God, he makes certain things evident. I do jump around from one thing to another. Is that a SIN? I think that would be putting God in a box, saying he doesn’t work in QUIRKY behavior.

My mom tells me, that in certain areas of life. You must seek wise council. I agree 100%! I think my decisions can’t stay completely focused on what they need to be focused on when my mom won’t even let me make my own decisions.

If I feel confident in GOD, and the decisions I am making. Should I question those decisions because my mom doesn’t think they are wise/good/correct?

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