Wednesday, February 28, 2007

productive, very productive.

Today was great. I got to meet a very cool dude, who i am excited to have help me. His name is Jaccobb Romero. He is AWESOME! He wants to help me raise money for my stem cell transplant. He has got some skillz too. This picture to the right is one of the pendents he has created. Like i said, SKILLZ!

It doesn't stop there, ohhh no. He has got all kinds of talents. Look at this watch. :-O yea, that is really neat.

Here is another piece of his art work. I just find that BEAUTIFUL! This dude gets mad props. He works a full time job. Goes to school, and does this stuff on the SIDE?!?!? LOL. kind of boggles my mind. So, he is interested in helping me by creating these beautiful works of art. And sell them to benefit my cause. what do i have to say to that? sweeeet.

So, like what you see? You think you might wanna see more? check his site out.


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