Friday, March 02, 2007

so much to do so little time.

So, yesterday was good. It was thursday, and we met Mer at Cebollas(mexican restaurant). This place is pretty good. Pretty close to authentic. Anyways, before the food got there I "dismissed" myself to the restroom. I went and told the waiter we were celebrating my sister's birthday. I asked him to make it "memoriable." So...

They made my sister this treat, then put a huge combrario on her head, and sang happy b-day in spanish. wish i woulda got the hat.Happy-Bday mer! LOVE YOU
That was thursday, so today I got around, and my mom wanted me to go with her to Meijers to do some shopping. So, i went with her, but got bord and ancy. So i went off and looked at shoes. God bord, and sat on a Futon and messed with my phone. Then, i see this guy. Lookin at me, and the mattress. then at me, pace a little bit.....So, I asked him. "you looked confused, what ya lookin for?" He said, "ohh i gotta find a futon i suppose." I said, ehh, i definately don't reccommend one for long use. Hated it. lots of lower back pain. Well, we got to talking about where i went to college. And told me about how his kid is in the merchant marines. Works in the gulf on a NOVA science research ship. Man, we talked about all kinds of stuff. He sat down and talked with me prolly for 25 minutes. I saw him get really emotional when he mentioned his daughter going off to train in Texas, then off to Iraq so they can teach the Cops in baghdad to train to be good, or whatever. All in all, it was a really good talk. He is a really genuine person. And a good heart to match.

So after that me and chris went and got some pizza, while i was waiting for it to cook. I saw this very attractive mommy at the pizza place.

After that me and Chris went to jaccobb's house and watched him make some of his beads. Really amazing talent. It is hard to believe he is all self taught. Pretty smart dude. This In this picture, he was working on a bead that had several flowers inside it. He can create really amazing looking flowers with just little dabs of molten glass, and constantly spinning and heating non stop. It is really quite amazing to watch.

So, I have good news from the Yahoo chat group I am in. I got someone to send me pictures of one of the hospitals in Nanshan. The place is really quite beautiful
The 14th floor is dedicated to the stem cell transplant team.
I have more, but i need to not type anymore and go lay down. ;-)

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