Sunday, March 11, 2007

Take my lips and let them be. Filled with messenges from thee.

I owe my life to you my lord, Here I AM!

I wonder if there is a book out there that has like 10 steps to surrendering your life completely at the feet of God. Then the road you need to drive down in order to keep surrendering it constantly. Now, my gut instinct tells me it involves Prayer; me asking for his forgiveness every day, and then asking for help on how to be a disciple of Christ. Slow to speak, Never to judge, Always to love.

I don't think you can have any "thing" or any "one" that you couldn't lose with out losing sight of God and be completely surrendered to the Lord. You have got to be able to lose everything that is dear to you at a moments notice, and be able to sing worship songs to the one who created you, with a smile on your face, and positive mind set. Crying and sadness would be there YES, but grievence is a part of loss, but a part that goes away with strength from the LORD. God is so friggin amazing. The more I mature in my faith, the more I see God in everything. Instead of Beer Goggles," I am getting "God Goggles." He is everywhere, some people aren't always aware of him, but MAN IS HE THERE!

Here is a song: Knees to the Earth, by: Christy Nockels; Nathan Nockels.
This song really touches my heart. And it isn't because of the amazing vocals, it is because of the amazing words. The Passion Worship Band: "Sacred Revolution"
Good stuff,

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