Thursday, March 08, 2007

Getting Reacquainted

chelsy has her Real Estate license.

This girl who I went to preschool with contacts me on FaceBook a couple of days ago. Sometimes I think people get placed into your life for a specific reason. Call it what you will. Lets just say me and chelsy have always had good karma with each other. Never realizing how much we had in common...which is mind-twistingly "ironic."

Here are some pic's of the lady. She said it pretty well. It's crazy to see how people you make a connection with at some point in your life; be it insignificant or not...its crazy to see how people turn out.
So after me and chelsy hung out and got to talk with her Mom, I shoulda got a picture of her, she is just as pretty as i remember her being in Preschool. Gave her an update. After chelsy got a chance to talk with my rents, I went to Clint's house. And something crazy happened there too. This is at Clints House. He invited

me over, and didn't get there till forever. It was all good though. He was more than excused, with a reason I wish i could say with confidence. I love Clint. So hung out there, and Saw this girl named Angi. Angi has athe curly dark hair. She use to play Softball with my sister. I use to play baseball with her brother Zane. We actually go way back. I havn't seen her for like 7 years. no joke. And this was just a random run in at a buddy's house. It was really nice to talk with her, and hear about how Zane is doing. I use to have a lot of fun with this kid. Humerous one. We kind of have the same personality; goofy, sarcastic, maybe odd. It was just really cool to be back in touch with her. I think my sister will be glad to hear of that too. Just really cool and amazing to run into long time friends after so long, and to make a connection with one, and see how good they both are doing. It goes beyone that, but I am kind of tired of typing. I think I am gonna stop.

I go to the M/S center in Indy tomorrow. Maybe they can tell me what is going on with my ear/jaw. that would be nice. :-) All in all, today was a really fun and encouraging day. I'll take more like today.

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