Friday, March 09, 2007


Earlier on in the summer my friend Jenn and I went and saw some movie together. Well, we saw the previews for the movie 300. We dropped our jaws and promised each other we would see it. Well, WE DID! It was awesome. Seriously a brilliantly gory film. Like after the first 30 minutes of brutal killing i figuered i would get sick of it....I was wrong, it kept it's entertainment value because they kept coming up with neat interesting new ways to kill the enemy. It really was a good movie though. This morning I went to the Indiana Center for M/S. It wasn't a very productive doc. appt, but it wasn't not good. I got a chance to tell my ms doctor about the chinese stem cell transplant program. She was very professional in her response. Not saying it's good, but not saying it's bad. She is an extremely professional and thorough Doc. I respect her opinion too. BUT, I dunno, What is meant to be will happen. Thats it.

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