Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sweet dreams are made of HAPPY MINDS.

I swear, every time I go to bed in a really happy, positive frame of mind. I have good dreams. Sometimes really confusing, and bizare, but GOOD. I didn't go to church this morning. I was pretty lazy. Plus i would have had to put some effort to find a different ride, cuz the usual couldn't make it. SO, i just slept in like a LaZy BUM. laid around allllll day. Once i finally got up, and un lazified myself. I went with Tony(friend) to Borders, and got this movie called.......
It was super good. Kind of twisted, but extremely well made. It is all in Spanish, so you have to read them good old English Subtitles if you wanna know what is going on. But once you get use to reading, it is all goooood. So, watched that at Tony's and had a good-ole-time.

Once i got back home, there was a car parked in the drive way that i didn't recognize. Well, i had just forgot that my grandma and grandpa were visiting cuz my grandpa had to go to Indianapolis to the Vets hospital. My grandma(mothers mom) was up when i got home late. We got to talking, and i told her about the China Stem Cell treatment possibility. She had a big grin on her face the whole time i told her about it. I enjoy telling her things, because she always listens in such a great frame of mind. I don't get anything from that lady except for complete confidence. She doesn't "HOPE" i will do ok in life. She "KNOWS" i will do amazing in life. For myself, and others. So, that is a huge confidence booster. We got to talk about what is going on in her life. Sometimes she likes to confide in me. I enjoy letting her do so. I just love people!

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