Sunday, March 25, 2007

SUNDAY is a happy DAY!

I friggin love Sunday's. Lemme tell you why i love today. Today I got to go on a date. She is sexy, smart, and fun. Her last name is Brown. It's not brittany either. It's her mom! Kathy Brown! She took me as her date tonight, to a wine tasting benefit event, to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. It was awesome, sponsored or backed by the National MS Society. They had a silent auction, and were raffling items off all night. It was pretty cool, cuz i got a chance to see how it works, and I think I can do really well. Met some key people, did some networking, and gathered some E-Mails and cards. The only thing is......I kinda lost them. :-/ I hope they are in a car seat some where, or i sat them down some where. I really don't know, but i hope they pop up. Really really hope they do. Earlier today i Met at starbucks, and met with some ladies from Sigma Beta Sorority. They asked me millions of questions, and want to see if their chapter will donate do my fund. I think it went really well, and Yea, it was cool.

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